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Hello! Thank you for your interest in learning more about me as an artist and my practice. It's a bit tricky to sum up something as personal and subjective as art, alongside the more objective entrepreneurial side of my business, but let's start with where my heart is—to make fine art accessible, meaningful, and rooted in joy.

This doesn't just speak to the experience I want to deliver to my collectors, but also to the process by which I create it.

The distinction made by invoking the spirit of fine art is important. In a world dominated by art that is easy to produce (and throw away), I strive to create pieces that last, that speak to traditional methods of creation, which demonstrate craft and honours the time required to hone the skills, not just the materials, to produce it.

At the same time, I believe that fine art should not be limited to those of certain means or backgrounds. Art does not have to be impenetrable or reflect only a particular spectrum of emotion. I deliver unique pieces suitable for any home that inspires joy with vivid colour and remarkable texture.

I've been painting for most of my life. Art is just as much a part of how I express myself as language. It's as much a lens for how I see the world as any experience that has shaped me and any lessons I learned from my parents and teachers throughout my life. It helps me see beauty in the world's natural wonders, but also hope and inspiration in places where there isn't. My art is always how I want to see the world. It's a safe haven when I need one, and, I hope, when my collectors need one too.

With that, you should find everything you need here regarding my career, my inspirations, the causes I support, and the partners I've collaborated with.

If you have any questions about information not found here, please send me a note and I'll get back to you right away.


Amy Dixon is an Edmonton-based visual artist. Finding early inspiration in the mountain and ocean vistas of her childhood home in Nova Scotia, she is drawn to natural beauty and place in her art.

In 2009, Amy exchanged raging Atlantic waters for vast prairie skies when she settled in Alberta. She has since been captivated by the yellows, blues, and pinks of western summers as much as by the comforting stillness of the Rocky Mountains.

Amy’s work is a constant evolution as her desire to explore Canada and around the world continues to shape and influence her craft. Her collections are known for vibrant colour, rich texture, and imaginative interpretations of nature.

Currently, Amy produces two large collections and one small collection of original paintings per year. Her larger collections usually focus on a particular landscape, while her small collections are usually dedicated to more experimental styles, subjects, or specific themes/locations. She also has a print shop that she uses to offer beautiful canvas prints of her original artwork.

Art Samples

You can find an extensive listing of my Previous Collections on the main navigation banner of my website. Feel free to browse my original artwork, but please contact me for high resolution images

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