Amy Dixon is an Edmonton-based visual artist. Finding early inspiration in the mountain and ocean vistas of her childhood in Nova Scotia, she is drawn to natural beauty and place in her art. In 2009, Amy exchanged raging waters for vast prairie skies when she settled in Edmonton, Alberta. She has since been captivated by the yellows, blues, and pinks of Albertan summers as much as by the comforting stillness of frigid, untouched fields of snow. Her desire to express beauty has extended beyond Canada and her travels around the world have influenced much of her work. Working primarily in acrylic, Amy has showcased her abstract and landscape paintings locally and across Western Canada



My paintings are a reflection of my surroundings, memories and an imaginary world - a whimsical place that exists in my mind. I create a world I want to live in to escape the everyday. 

My artwork is inspired by nature and I like to focus on bringing the outside in. I try to capture the essence of a landscape, stylizing it and abstracting it to make it my own through the use of colour, repetition, texture and pattern. I work spontaneously, rarely with a set plan in mind before I begin.

My colour palette is governed by my mood and general feeling I want to create within each painting. I love experimenting with unusual colour combinations that are not typically found in nature; taking a familiar subject and making something new and unexpected.