My favourite colour
is all the colour.

(but especially pink)

Hello, I'm Amy

I'm a Nova Scotia-born, Alberta-based artist with a love for the outdoors, travel, and colour. My work is best known for vibrant colour, rich texture, and imaginative interpretations of nature.

My paintings reflect a mixture of my surroundings and memories, with a dash of whimsy. While my work is directly inspired by nature and its vast landscapes, colourful gardens, and looming mountains, it's also informed by my love of textiles, graphic design, and fashion. 

These influences, paired with unexpected use of colour and texture, help create works that are less interested in the accurate depiction of a landscape and more the emotional response it stirs in me. This is a spontaneous act. Capturing the essence of nature, stylizing it and abstracting it to make it my own through the use of colour, repetition, texture and pattern is rarely started with a set plan in mind.

This is the world as I want to see it. An escape from the everyday.

Current Obsessions


Look at this guy! My cat Looey is a current and forever obsession. He's been with me from the very beginning of my art journey (and may or may not include a bit of himself in a painting or two when I'm not looking).

He's Got an insta!
Amy Dixon artist in White Point, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia painting

White Point, NS

I've been fortunate to visit a lot of places but, for my money, White Point is still my happy place. It represents my childhood and my family (my grandparents, especially). My heart will always be here.


If you know me at all, my love for the perfect shade of peachy pink will come as no surprise. I love painting with it, I love surrounding myself with it. Let's be honest - it's the perfect colour!