Payment Plan

I’m happy to now offer payment plans designed to make it easy and more affordable for everyone to buy and collect original art by allowing you to spread payments out over a reasonable time period. 


  • A 25% deposit is required - then the purchase price plus applicable taxes/shipping can be divided into equal payments spread over up to 3 months. Payment by e-transfer or credit card can be arranged.
  • Once the first payment is made, I will mark the painting as "Sold" online
  • There are no extra fees or interest.
  • Once the painting is paid for in full, it will be shipped out. 

Step One

Ready to get started? Send me an e-mail with:

  • Your name, mailing address and phone number
  • the title of the painting you'd like to purchase
  • the term you'd like to pay it over (2-3 months)

Step Two

I'll send you over a contract and an invoice for the 25% deposit :)

Note: Payment plans are not available during collection launch advance access periods. Payment plans are not available for commissions or art prints.