Wholesale Partner Program

I'm excited that you're interested in working with me. Take a quick look at some of the highlights of my Wholesale Partner Program.

Exclusive Partnership

I keep my group of partners small so I can offer better service and keep my art from being saturated in any one area.

Fine Art Prints on Canvas

One element that sets my work apart from many artists is that all of my prints come on elegantly textured matte canvas. This is the best material for art reproductions and is often indistinguishable from my original paintings.

100% Recyclable Packaging

All of my packaging is recyclable. From the sleeves and boards to the box and packing peanuts.

Data-driven Recommendations

To help you make the best print selections for your area, we’re happy to provide sales and online traffic data tailored for your city to identify the most popular prints with your customers.

Social Media Promotion

I have a sizable and very engaged social following that I’m eager to leverage for your shop.

Product, Discounts and Minimums

I currently offer 8x10 borderless canvas prints to my wholesale partners with a 50% discount on retail prices and a $500 first time minimum order amount.


If you think we'd make a great fit, please review my Terms and then fill out the application.