Letters from Home | Amy Dixon's Don't Miss Spots in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

I'm a fine artist, but my first love is fine food and drink. Cape Breton is my childhood home and I go back as often as I can. I think everyone should go at least once to experience the views, the people, and, of course, the food.

Here are a few gems for your next trip to my favourite place on Earth.

To Eat + Drink

A lobster roll from Periwinkle Cafe

Periwinkle Cafe, Ingonish

Two words. Lobster roll. Not only do they serve the BEST lobster roll, they also have great taste in art. As in, you might see a few of my prints kicking around their gift shop—Salty Rose's :) 

The Dancing Goat, Margaree

Need some extra energy to get you through the next hike? The Dancing Goat has incredible soups and sandwiches.

Marguerite Boutique, Chéticamp

You want to start the morning right? You're going for coffee at Marguerite Boutique. Also, grab some treats while you're at it. Oh, and you might see a few of my prints here too. Hey, I support my stockists! Plus, they serve sticky toffee pudding. My favourite dessert!

Woodroad, Margaree

If you're going to splurge once, you should make it at Woodroad. An intimate 25-seat restaurant along the coast of Cape Breton. This is a true indulgence. Like their website says, it's a set menu so all you have to do is show up hungry. You won't forget it. 

Fave (not so) Hidden Gems

Amy Dixon at Egypt Falls

White Point, Cabot Trail

It's my favourite place on Earth for a reason. After a short hike, you'll be treated to the most amazing views! Bring a book, snuggle up on a bed of grass or perch yourself on a rock and let the ocean air wash over you.

Egypt Falls

This one is a bit more of a trek to get to, but it's definitely worth it to feel the cool, clean water rush over your shoulders once you're there. Also makes a great place for some self-reflection and meditation. 

Meat Cove

Don't be alarmed by the name! The views are magic. The drive out to Meat Cove can be a bit of a perilous one depending on the state of the roads, but once you're there you'll be treated to the more moodier side of the island. 

Gypsum Mine

A bit of a strange one. Is it a mine or a lake? Well, it's sorta both. The beautiful blue water covers an old Gypsum Mine more than 75 ft below the surface. They say the equipment is all still down there and no one really knows how deep it goes. It's a beautiful local spot and definitely off the beaten path.

Chimney Corner Beach

Picking any beach in Cape Breton is going to be a win, but for my money, Chimney Corner is my favourite!


It's impossible to pick just one, or three, or five, really. Skyline Trail is a must! My other go-tos are Franey Trail, Acadian Trail, and Middle Head Trail. Bring water and sunscreen, you're going to be busy. 

Have you been to Cape Breton? Let me know your favourite spots.

If you're looking for some unique fine art prints to remind you of your time there or to motivate you for your next adventure, I have several prints in my shop inspired by Nova Scotia | BROWSE PRINTS

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  • Carol

    My husband is from Margaree and I’m an Alberta girl. So your art really resonates with me. Thanks for today’s mini escape to CB!

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