Framing Your Print

Edgar Degas once said, "The frame is the reward of the artist." Respectfully, I disagree 💛 The frame is the reward of the collector. With so many aesthetics to consider, a wealth of materials to choose from, I prefer to let collectors choose their own frame for my art to ensure it reflects their personal style.

I'm here to help you make the best decision on a few of the finer points of framing outside of style so that your art looks its best and lasts a lifetime (or more!)

Using a Ready Made Frame

Most of my prints will fit standard frame sizes and canvas prints can be framed with or without glass. Simply pop them into any ready-made frame. You can choose to display it under glass, or secure the print to the backboard with double sided, acid free tape (like this one) and hang it without glass.

Advanced Tip: For more permanent mounting, the print can be brought to a framer to be mounted to gator board or masonite using an adhesive, such as Miracle Muck, and rolling through a pressure roller without heat. 

To Mat or Not to Mat

A mat can also add so much to your art. It will take up more space on your wall and the white space creates a dramatic statement. If you’d like to add a mat, order a frame at least one size larger than your print.

Advanced Tip: A mat is also a way to fit your art into a non-standard frame size. A local framer can custom cut a mat for you, or you can order one online from

Two prints with mats

Stretch It Out

My shop allows you to add a 2” border to most sizes I offer so you can have it professionally stretched into a gallery wrap.

Here’s some terminology to help you chat with your framer.

  • Gallery Wrap—This refers to when canvas is stretched around a wooden support so that it looks like an original painting. It can then be displayed without a frame.
  • Floater Frame—If you would like to add a frame, a floater frame is what I recommend. This type of frame creates the illusion that your artwork is “floating” within the frame. The artwork has to be wrapped to use this type of frame. No glass is used to cover the artwork. 
Framed print ready to be stretched 
Gallery wrapped print with floater frame

Caring for Your Print

Make sure your art is built to last. A good frame will help, but here's a few more tips if you're looking to go the extra mile.

  • Water is not your friend—Once your print is framed, display your canvas in a dry area. Humid conditions are not ideal for art, so avoid hanging your pieces in bathrooms, above a humidifier, or in unfinished basements. To ensure your art will last through the years, hang in a place with low humidity and few variations in temperature.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight—Frames won't protect your art from the sun! If possible, pick a place on the wall that is out of direct sunlight. Art exposed to UV rays can cause damage and fade the colours of the art over time. A little light isn’t a bad thing; just try to avoid continuous, direct sunlight.
  • Cleaning—Keep your framed print looking fresh by dusting often with a feather duster or soft cloth. You want to make sure you’re using a very soft bristle brush or cloth while cleaning to safeguard the print. Never use cleaners, solvents, or other liquids to clean your canvas. 
  • Storage—If you have to store your art for any reason, with our without its framer, store it in the acid-free tissue paper it was shipped. If you use any other type of paper, make sure it’s acid free. 

Want to get your art collection started or looking to grow the one you have? Check out my shop for dozens of prints that look gorgeous in any frame!

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