I grew up by the sea in a little town in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. It's home to about 3,000 people and, at the time, I would never have imagined how many other shores I would visit as I got older. 

This collection, my first of 2024, is unique for me. Typically, I like to create collections in single locations. This time, I pulled from my travels to curate a set of new original work from around the world with the unifying theme of exploring their coastlines and bringing them back to your homes.

Let's take a trip together and explore the places that inspired Spindrift. Follow me ✈️
Spray blown from the crests of waves by the wind.


Launch Date: April 18, 2024
10 am MDT for newsletter subscribers, 12pm MDT for general public
Number of Pieces: 14
Sizes Available: 36x48 inches (10), 30x60 inches (1), 24x36 inches (1), 32" round (2)
First Stop
Canada's East Coast

Growing up in Cape Breton meant the ocean was part of my family. Its salt collected on everything I touched, and all I knew.

My dad was a fisherman and my lungs breathed the fresh, mossy air he brought into every room. When I think about painting the sea, it’s the Atlantic Ocean that forms in my mind’s eye. Its dark waters never stop, they’re never settled. A bit like me. 

I've painted the Cabot Trail before, but I've always wanted to capture it in the fall. If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting during this season, you’ll know that the bright oranges and yellows that consume the hills create something almost ethereal. It’s begging to be painted. So I did. Again 😄

And I know I’m partial to Cape Breton, but the East Coast of Canada is full of brilliant spots. I created a piece inspired by some hikes I did around Halifax, a jaw dropping sunset in Western Nova Scotia, as well as one from Prince Edward Island. I can't wait for you to see them all.

Don't get comfortable just yet, we have more stops to make.

Second Stop
Scotland, UK

From New Scotland to Old Scotland, my heart will never not be in one of these places.

I spent three months in Edinburgh and it, quite literally, changed my life. Not only did I get engaged here 💛, but it was the first stop in a year-long trip that would become the start of my full-time journey as an artist. So, as you might guess, it means a lot to me.

I could write a novel about Edinburgh, but it was my trip to the Isle of Skye that I wanted to put to canvas. Y’know when people say something took their breath away? I never really believed it until I saw the Scottish Highlands. When you crest a high hill, there’s a part of you that truly thinks you might see a fairy on the other side. The land is teeming with vibrant shades of green and rich browns, all coated in a majestic layer of mist.

The Isle of Skye reminded me of home. The people are salt of the earth-types. The kind to invite a stranger into their home for a warm cup of tea and a dirty joke 🤣

Capturing the scale of the Highlands is difficult. At once you feel as though you are very small, wandering atop sleeping giants, and at the same time you feel larger than life, the drama of the scene emboldening each step.

It's just magic, plain and simple.

Keep your boots on. We have more stops to make.

Third Stop
Canada's West Coast

Tofino. Even the name invokes a magnitude few other coastal spots inspire. I’ve been to Tofino twice, for very different reasons. The first time I visited I was going to meet my partner’s Dad, who lived on the eastern side of Vancouver island. We took a winding road trip that weekend from Comox to Tofino just to put our toes in the sand. It was his first time touching the ocean and my first time touching the Pacific. If you ever need to bond with your future father-in-law, this is the way to do it.

The second time was during the pandemic. Travel is essential to my art, but with flights shut down I had to cancel my plans. Instead of moping around (for long), I hopped into my car and drove from Edmonton to Vancouver Island. Despite the anxiety of the times, being surrounded by the dense forests and misty beaches brought me peace and, at the risk of sounding dramatic, felt like the first breath I’d taken in months. 

Tofino is a powerful place and it’s probably why I painted it twice for this collection.

Don't you dare put your feet up! We have to keep going ✈️

Fourth Stop
Amalfi Coast, Italy

If you haven't been to Positano, you might have seen photos of its pasteled homes that look carved into the side of the cliffs, the yellow sun baking the rocks to a ghostly white, and the people who must have the best cardio in Europe.

Trust me, it's even better than it looks in photos, which is why I had to paint it, of course 😉

The Amalfi Coast was the first big trip I took with my bestie and it will always hold a special place in my heart, despite having to lug a suitcase up what felt like a literal mountain. It was the gravitas of a city on a hill overlooking crystal blue waters that made me want to capture this unique home forever.

Okay, okay, we're almost done. Two more stops!

Fifth Stop
California, USA

I’ve travelled up and down the American West Coast several times and it never fails to inspire me.

I recently painted a collection in the Pacific Northwest, but I wanted to return to the place I’d visited first—Big Sur.

It was another trip with my friend that also included a lot of wine (trend?) and embarrassing photos taken by a winery tour guide, but that’s for another time.

No matter the occasion, it’s impossible to ignore Big Sur. Driving this stretch of coast gave me shades of the Cabot Trail, but where the Atlantic often feels dark and moody, the Pacific is bright and catches the sun in a way that makes you feel lighter. Big Sur, jutting out into the sea, making itself known, always feels a bit like a camera (canvas) hog, but not without reason. It's stunning, jaw-dropping, and begs you to pull over on the side of the road to paint.

I did then. And I do now.

Onto our final leg and it's a doozy. Luckily, you can nap on the beach when we arrive.


Finally, we’re heading to Eastern Europe to Croatia. I was lucky enough to call this country home for one month and memories of its beauty and quirks come rushing back to me all the time.

Walks on the soft, white beaches, chatting with locals, swimming out into the cool blue Adriatic, were daily occurrences that I never tired of (who would?)

Right outside my door, a stretch of empty beach washed with aquamarine water and creamy froth would lull me into a trance that I've wanted to go back to in my work for years. Each day, a small wooden boat would slowly push away from the dock and bob gently in the waves. It felt lonely, but comforting in the way it stared down each wave before floating over it and preparing for the next. Inevitably, a storm would roll in causing the waters to grow choppy and the clouds to turn dark.

I painted this boat in the storm before, but this time I wanted to capture the beauty, the calm, the optimism of the water.

In the end, that’s what makes it stand out to me. And I hope it stands out to you too.

I hope this journey through some of my favourite coastlines was as memorable for you as they have been for me. The ocean is my first home and I know it’s a place of calm and reflection for many of you. I hope you’ll find a piece of my original work that calls you home in the same way the ocean calls to me.

Spindrift, a collection of 14 original works representing coastlines from around the world, is available now.

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