Cropping & Framing - Prints


  • Prints are sold unstretched and unframed. The photo in the listing is for illustrative purposes only.
  • Prints can be displayed with or without glass. 
  • If you plan on having it stretched onto a wooden frame, be sure to select the option with the additional 2" border. Otherwise, some of the image will be lost in the stretching process. 
  • 24x36 and 24x24 inch prints do not have the option of having a border added. Because of this, we do not recommend stretching this size of print. Instead, frame it in a conventional frame. 


  • Depending on the size, there may be some slight cropping of the image seen in the listing to ensure that prints will fit standard frame sizes.
  • The sizes listed are the largest sizes I can print for each piece.

Read more about framing your print here.

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