2022 commission requests are now closed for the year.

The commission process is a great opportunity to have a special piece created to suit your space and specific preferences. I open commission requests once per year. Please read through the following details and fill out the form below if you're interested in a custom piece.


The first thing to decide is the size of canvas for your custom piece. At this time I am only accepting requests for paintings above 36x48 inches in size. If you’re unsure about what size would best suit your space, I recommend taping out a few different sizes on your wall with painters tape to better visualize how it will look. You can also take a look at this blog post on choosing the size of art for your home. 

Some popular painting sizes to consider:

  • 36x48 inches
  • 40x60 inches
  • 48x48 inches
  • 48x60 inches
  • 36x60 inches
  • 24x72 inches
  • 30x72 inches
  • 36x84 inches 


The best place to start when considering the inspiration for your commission is my art work. Take note of the paintings you’re most drawn to and some of the things you like best about them. Is it the colours, the texture, the subject matter? I’m also happy to take inspiration from a special photo you’ve personally taken. Please include all of these details in your submission. 


I only do a very small number of commissions per year and I lean towards the ideas I’m most excited about and the ones I think suit my style best. Please keep this in mind when submitting your commission request. I want to deliver a piece of art we both truly love and part of that is making sure I understand your ideas and that you understand what fits within my style. 


If I select your commission, I’ll review your initial request, and send along some further questions to make sure I have a solid understanding of your preferences. Once I start painting, I’ll send along progress photos partway through for your feedback and to make any small changes such as adjusting colours, adding more of a certain element you really like. Paintings take 8-10 weeks to complete.


My prices for commissioned pieces start at $3,500 + tax, and run approximately 25% more than ready-to-ship paintings. This is to account for the time spent putting together a cohesive piece that meets all of your wishes. I ask for a 50% deposit to begin, with the remaining balance, plus shipping, due once your painting is complete.  

Some important things to note:

  • My work is not pre-sketched or designed. Without strict parameters I am able to create a finished product that is much more fluid and organic. With that said, I am mindful of what it is you want from the art and I do my best to make something that fits your aesthetic. My end goal is for my clients to fall in love with the piece I create for them. 
  • Throughout the process we’ll have several deadlines and milestones to reach. Not only will I be committed to hitting target dates to provide you with progress photos, but you’ll have deadlines for providing timely and accurate feedback so we can stick to the proposed schedule. You’ll be given plenty of time to make these decisions, but you’ll want to make sure you can be reached and can respond during the commission process as breakdowns in communication could result in pieces that are delayed indefinitely.
  • I only paint commissions between January-March annually. 
  • I do not take inspiration from the work of other artists - please do not send any paintings made by other creatives as part of your request.
  • I typically receive more commission requests than I am able to accommodate. Submitting a request unfortunately doesn’t guarantee I’ll be able to paint your piece.

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