Rain Shadow—New Collection Coming November 18

At long last, I'm thrilled to share my latest full collection available before the holiday. On November 18, I'll be releasing Rain Shadow—paintings inspired by the incredible beaches and coastline of Vancouver Island!

It's been too long since I've been to the ocean. Over the course of two blissful weeks, I wandered around the island's enchanted vistas, met with other artists, and even had a snake slither onto my canvas while I painted.

I also discovered the Rain Shadow. 

The southeastern part of Vancouver Island sees relatively little rain compared to the rest because of the natural weather barrier created by Olympic Mountain. I certainly noticed it, and the term felt right for this trip as no matter where I painted, from Victoria to Tofino, I had absolutely no rain. I'm pretty certain the mountain didn't move, but it felt like its shelter followed me wherever I went.

This collection is full of moody seascapes, breathtaking sunsets, and...trees! Yes, I painted trees :) I can't wait to share them all with you.

Sizes will include:

  • 3) 20x24 inches
  • (3) 24x36 inches
  • (6) 36x48 inches
  • (1) 36x36 inches
  • (3) 24x72 inches
  • (4) 30x60 inches
  • (2) 36” round

Newsletter subscribers will receive advance access to the collection on November 18 at 10 am MST before it launches to the general public. You can sign up here.

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