Pinnacle - New Collection Coming November 10

On November 10th I'll be sharing 18 new paintings as part of my final collection of the year, Pinnacle.
One of the best parts about living in Alberta is being within driving distance of the Rockies. There is something so humbling and grounding about the mountains. And while they’re a constant inspiration, I also wanted to pay special attention to the surrounding environment that adds to their majesty—the lakes, wildflowers, rivers, trees, and foliage. I'm excited to share this collection with you! 
Sizes include:
  • (2) 32-inch round
  • (3) 24x36
  • (4) 36x48
  • (4) 30x40
  • (5) 24x72
As always, my newsletter subscribers get first access to the collection on November 10th at 10 am MST and a special preview email.

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Pinnacle Collection 1
Pinnacle Collection 2
Pinnacle Collection 3

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