Perfect Pairs

It's almost Valentine's Day!

This time of year always gets me thinking of my perfect match and I start to see perfect pairings all over the place. So let's talk about how to find perfectly paired prints for your home. Here are four elements to consider when choosing prints that will look great together on your wall:

  • Subject: This is an easy place to start. Pairing art that has a similar subject matter like mountains, the ocean or prairies is a great way to unify separate pieces. Even a more general category, like “landscapes” or “florals” can help narrow down the choices.  
  • Colour: This is a bit trickier because there are so many options. Start by finding the dominant colour in the print you have your eye on and seek out a second piece that compliments that dominant colour. However, don’t forget the value of contrast! Sometimes, colour doesn’t matter as much if the subject matter or composition is similar.  
  • Composition: An easy way to pair landscape paintings together is to choose pieces with similar horizon lines. Even if the colours and the landscape themselves are very different (think, prairies and mountains), if the composition is similar the pairing looks intentional.
  • Framing: Choosing the same frame for two prints is an obvious way to tie them together. However, one thing people often overlook is the power of a custom mat! If you love two pieces but aren’t entirely sure that they look great side by side, give the art “room to breathe” by adding an oversized mat. The extra white space around the print lets each piece shine without overwhelming its partner. Order a custom mat from your local framer (or online - I use Custom Mat)
    To get you started, here are some of my favourite print pairings: 

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