By now you probably know I like to travel. First, for the food. Second, for my art. Third, for the food. I spent two months in southern Spain and it is one of the most inspiring and beautiful places I've visited. Apart from the city's incredible moorish influenced architecture, the colourful streets, and the even more colourful people, the countryside is full of infinite rolling hills, romantic villas, and skies as big as, dare I say, the Alberta prairies. 

This post would go on forever if I listed every place you have to go, so I won't. I'll give you a few highlights to get you started, but definitely explore. You are guaranteed to find your own magic.

Places To Go, Things To See


Ernest Hemingway called Ronda the most romantic place on earth. It's hard to argue when you step foot into a town that sits atop two hills divided by a deep gorge. A dramatic bridge joins the two halves and is an absolute must-see. Ronda is one of the White Towns of Andalusia, or Pueblos Blancos, a series of whitewashed towns whose structures contrast beautifully with the natural greens, golds, and blues of the natural world around it.

C órdoba

Córdoba captivates with its Mezquita, a grand mosque-cathedral renowned for its forest of ancient columns and striking arches. Did I get lost inside it? Maybe. Would I have it any other way? No. Wandering through its labyrinthine Judería, I was charmed by its whitewashed courtyards and vibrant flowers. How could you not?


Come on, it's the Alhambra. You have to see it. It's a masterpiece of Moorish architecture surrounded by lush gardens. There's a wonderful clash of historical charm and modern energy, flamenco rhythms, bustling tapas bars, and breathtaking views. It's truly a sight (and experience) like no other.


For me, Seville is the crown jewel. It radiates with the fiery passion of flamenco and the grandeur of its Gothic cathedral and Moorish designs. The city's winding streets lead to hidden plazas where orange trees blossom (don't eat them!) and historic tapas bars.

  • Premier Garden Cocktail Bar, located in Parque Prado de San Sebastián. Not authentic, but still a lovely stop after a day of walking the dusty streets.
  • Plaza de España. Full stop. One of the few tourist attractions that live up to the hype. It's massive and intricate, full of energy and, if it's important to you, they filmed a bit of Star Wars here.
  • Cafe Piola. Stick with me here, but toast for breakfast. Wait! Imagine the most satisfying toast with unending options, including exquisite Iberian Ham, ripe avocado, and a spread made from grated raw tomato, olive oil, and salt. It sounds simple because it is, but it's also the best.
  • Flamenco is a staple on any visit to Seville. There’s a ton of options, but the shows at Museo del Baile Flamenco are really good.
  • And, of course, I have to give a nod to the ceramics museum  Centro Cerámica Triana. It's more than worth a visit if you're a ceramics geek like me.
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