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Making art, looking at art, talking about art - these are my absolute favourite things. In partnership with Brittany from Peak Paper Co. excited to be able to share a bit of the joy that art brings us with a brand new and super fun initiative.

Introducing: Canadians Create

CANADIANS CREATE. An open Facebook Group where artists from across the country will host free 30-minute live art tutorials and paint alongs every week on everything from calligraphy to acrylic painting and more.

Despite being physically isolated, there are still so many ways for us to connect digitally and share our creativity. We hope that whether you’re an avid artist, someone who hasn’t picked up a paint brush since high school art class or a parent looking for some inspiration for an activity with your kiddos, you’ll join in and be a part of our art-making community!

All the fun details and upcoming classes are in the Group.

If you'd like own live art hangout - let us know! We'd love to have you. Sign up to host  your own tutorial/paint along

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  • Gisele Chiasson

    would love to explore my creative side :)

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