All Canvas! All the Time!

 As a fine art creator, it’s important to me that whether you’re investing in an original piece or a print, the art you hang on your wall looks incredible and lasts a lifetime. For prints, specifically, I want to provide more size and border options and a more authentic appearance. Switching my paper prints to canvas allowed me to do this and more.

Here’s the skinny on canvas prints:

Authentic Look and Feel
Canvas prints are elegantly textured and feature a matte, non-reflective surface with a wide colour gamut. This is the best material for art reproductions available.
Canvas prints reproduce texture and depth better than paper prints. Believe it or not, the image to the right is a canvas print! If you’re a fan of my work, you know I like texture. Outside of my original paintings, a canvas print is the closest thing to feeling that added dimension of depth.
More Sizes and Border Options
I can now offer all sizes ranging from 5x7-24x36 in canvas, including an option for a 2” border on most sizes.
Framing Options
That extra border will come in handy if you ever want to stretch the print onto a frame, creating a piece of art nearly indistinguishable from an original work. Canvas prints can also be framed with or without glass. 

Want to get your art collection started or looking to grow the one you have? Check out my shop for dozens of prints that look gorgeous in any frame!

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