My favourite art supplies

I've been getting lots of questions about art supplies over the past week, so I've pulled together a resource list to help!
If possible, please consider shopping local and supporting your neighbourhood art store before defaulting to Amazon, Michaels or another large retailer. Most local store are being extremely accommodating during these strange times by offering shipping or curb side pickup. Supporting local is more important than ever!
If you’re in Edmonton, there are still lots of great art stores open and serving customers:
  • Delta Art Supplies - order online and pickup in store (I'm sure they would accommodate curbside pickup)
  • The Paint Spot - order over the phone/online and pickup curbside 
  • The Gilded Rabbit - orders over the phone/online and offering curbside pickup as well as delivery within Edmonton one day a week. 

If you're not in Edmonton, some good Canadian-based art supply stores with great online shops are:

    My recommended supply list for beginner acrylic painting

    My suggestion to beginners is to not worry about getting the best or most expensive materials. You don't want to be preoccupied worrying about ruining or wasting supplies. Buy something within your budget so you can have fun and play! 

    • Acrylic Paint - you can grab a pack with a variety of colours picked out for you (like this one) or just choose the colours you like best. There are sure to be some that inspire you more than others. I'd recommend at minimum:
      • White -a bigger tube - you end up using lots of it
      • Red
      • Blue 
      • Yellow
      • Instead of black, opt for a really dark colour - my go-to is Prussian Blue. I rarely (basically never) use black.
      • Personal preference, but I also hoard pink paint tubes. I use a lot of pink in my painting, so I always have a pre-mixed pale pink and magenta on hand. :)
    • 4 brushes - a medium flat brush, a small flat brush, a small liner brush, a medium round brush. If you plan on painting a huge canvas, scale your brushes accordingly. You don't need super expensive brushes to be effective, but I would avoid buying the "value pack" brushes. Those will fall apart in no time!
    • Something to paint on - wrapped canvas, canvas board, canvas paper, thick watercolour/mixed media paper. Any of those will work. Consider what you'd like to do with it when you're done (is it practice? do you want to frame it?) and choose your material based on that.
    • Paint palette - you can buy an actual paint palette (I have a recommendation below), or just use a tupperware container or a piece of wax paper. It doesn't need to be fancy!
    • Cup of water - I use mason jars/yogurt containers (it's always handy to have two on hand)
    • Rag/paper towel

    My favourite supplies

    Acrylic Paint

    I usually like to paint with soft body acrylic paint - but I also love acrylic gouache and golden fluid acrylic. I like smooth, opaque paints best. These are my go-to's:


    I usually buy my canvases pre-stretched, unless I need to make a custom size for a commission. I look for professional gallery wrapped canvases - these are available at any art store.


    I'm not loyal to any one brand of brush. I tend to be really rough on my brushes (oops!) so while I have a few really high quality ones, the go-to's aren't particularly fancy or anything special to recommend. My most used brushes are medium and large flat brushes, these ones in particular. I rarely use small brushes because i tend to paint big.

    Paint Palette

    I love the Masterson Sta-Wet Handy Palette because it keeps your paints nice and wet and fresh for weeks - a total game changer when it comes to reducing waste. 

    Other Random Things I Like and Use

    There you have it. Those are all the materials I use on a day-to-day basis in my studio. I hope that helps you in finding your own favourite supplies - happy painting! 

    If you have any questions, just leave a comment. :)

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